Sharp and accurate writing skills for your online and offline contents.

My experience includes articles (web and magazines), blog posts, interviews, speeches, newsletters, briefings, reports, academic presentations, SEO oriented rewriting, website copies, advertising, press releases, case studies, emailing, … in French, English and Spanish.

Browse the following examples to get a better understanding of what I can do for you!




CCI France Japon




The CCI France Japon is a private institution whose purpose is to help French companies to expand their businesses to the Japanese market. They organise networking events, conferences and trade-shows. The Chamber also regularly releases informative publications (magazines, reports) in parallel to a rich blogging activity.

I worked for the CCI France Japon as an in-house Communication Manager and Contents Producer. I was in charge of online communication (social media and website). I drafted corporate articles, video scripts, interviews, event promotion, magazine articles. I also participated in the creation of their annual reports (layout design + contents).







Naturellement Riche is a concept launched in 2018 by William S. Starting from scratch, William made his way to the top of the social ladder thanks to his hard work and his business acumen. William was looking for a copywriter to help him share his knowledge and views on wealth and lifestyle. Together, we developed a professional blog and a set of online training.




Femmes Actives Japon






Femmes Actives Japon is a female association located in Tokyo, Japan. They organise trainings, seminars and conferences to help women keep in touch with a professional career while in Japan. Femmes Active Japon entrusted me with the redaction of their blog posts to give more visibility to their conferences. I also covered most of their annual seminars.





The Shift Project



I worked for The Shift Project as a Publication Manager. I redacted blog posts, and served as a Publication Secretary for scientific and political sciences publications (among which “Pour une 6e République Écologique”, by Dominique Bourg).








Nonfiction is a platform dedicated to reviews of non-fictional books. Experts and aficionados share their knowledge through in-depth articles. I collaborated with nonfiction for mainly 3 articles dedicated to environmental topics: energy, ecology and  climate change scepticism.








Femmexpat is a platform dedicated to women living abroad. It offers information, guidance and support to live a happy life away from their countries. I contributed to their “Japan” section with a few articles on the following topics: having a baby in Tokyo, having a Japanese girlfriend, running a successful job search, living in Japan after Fukushima and lifestyle.